30-Day Free Trial. here. In your expert social media manager opinion, what does it look like they typically use that account to accomplish? For example, you would not use the same criteria to evaluate the performance of a Twitter account used primarily for customer service and an Instagram account aiming to drive follower engagement. Finding these valuable little nuggets of insight that can only be discovered by comparing your holistic documentation and organizing it into apples-to-apples criteria will make going to extra step and auditing a competitor well worth your while. It also helps protect the security of your social accounts. Evaluate your current social media efforts using this free template. You don’t need to be told how important your social media images are. This template emphasizes visualizing data in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll be able to populate this template by exporting data from each social media platform you use. Input the name of the person responsible for running and updating this account at the time of the audit. In order to allow you to digest this big picture view, a social media audit is a document that must remain high-level with key facts—not a place to get bogged down with comprehensive tracking of performance metrics. Have you audited your online presence? What type of investment is social media worth to your business? And now, your anxiety has kicked into high gear…because it’s time for a social media audit. CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT Average # posts per week: You can find this by scrolling down your social media feed and counting the number of posts each week, then calculating the average of that. Even without having access to their private data and password-protected accounts, you can still adapt this process to perform a social media audit for a competitor and create a key document in your business’s competitive analysis. protect the security of your social accounts, only the right people have the right access, whether impostor accounts are stealing your fans, which outdated profiles you need to revive, repurpose, or shut down. Can you see a clear connection? Using the Mobile Technology and Social Media Policy Template: Guidance Notes. For example, Snapchat users tend to be much younger than Facebook users, and LinkedIn users tend to have relatively high incomes. Read up on the most recent T’s & C’s (we won’t tell if you simply search for a recap article on major changes to the platform) and make sure that none of your tried-and-true practices suddenly aren’t going to fly anymore. Whether you’re just starting out on your social media journey or already getting results from social, performing an social media audit is a fantastic way to take stock of all your social media assets. Maintain organized documentation to transfer responsibilities easily to new employees and remove access from employees no longer with the organization. You can find key metrics for your social posts using the built-in analytics tools for each social network. But for an overall picture across social channels, Google Analytics is your best bet. If you’re using social media to market your business, you need to understand how to perform a social media audit. I hope you found this social media audit template helpful. We’ve got a complete guide on how to set up and use Google Analytics to get you started. If not, you may want to consider pulling back on certain channels so you can focus your energy on the ones that provide the best return on investment. Report to any stakeholders and executives at a high level on past performance, assets, and strategy. What are you really trying to accomplish in your social media presence? For example, if your business typically posts 5 different types of content each week, yet you notice your top 5 highest performing posts for the entire year were consistently all links to blogs that feature industry experts, this is a helpful insight for your content planning. the top three posts in terms of engagement, 2-3 SMART goals you want to achieve by your next audit, whether you met the goals you set for the current audit. A social media management platform, like Hootsuite, is great for ensuring only the right people have the right access. If possible, put the date you created the social account here. For most brands, website traffic and conversions are good metrics to track here. You might think you can list all of your social accounts off the top of your head. This is another metric that can indicate if the profile is being leveraged in their current strategy, or if it’s a social network that they’ve forsaken and you can shine on. With our free template, you can go straight to … A competitor template is also available here. The priority here should be to identify key areas where you make more of an impact on social media than your competitors do – this will give you valuable insight that you need to adapt your messaging, content plan and create a more targeted value prop. Input the demographic you’re targeting on this social network. Or Byte? This person will also be in charge of necessary approvals on the account, and will guide its strategic direction. The important thing is to make these decisions based on research about which channels best serve your business. Include links to these top-performing posts in your social media audit template. Why should a business perform a social media audit? Let’s face it: “audit” is not a pretty word. Find this in Acquisition>All Traffic>Source/Medium and then your chosen source and medium. Social media ads guidelines. 1. Date you checked that the branding was up-to-date. We’ve also created a free social media ROI calculator that anyone can use. Watch the replay video or read the recap below for updates to Fanbooster’s media. A social media audit doesn’t have to be long or tedious. You can find this info easily in Fanbooster reporting, or however else you track engagement metrics. Understandably so, since the platform boasts 2.6 billion monthly users worldwide. Instead, it simply means compiling key information about each of your social media accounts, all in one place. Download our free social media audit template and simply click “File” and “Make a copy” to get started! Work towards having all accounts set up with centralized password control by the time you do your next social audit. This free toolkit features: [Report] The 2020 Sprout Social Index ™ [Guide] 2020 Trends and 2021 Predictions Record the name of each social network you use in this column. Social media ads checklist. It’s a fresh start and the beginning of something exciting for your organization (or your client’s). After all, engagement on your social channels is nice, but real return on investment happens when followers become leads or customers. Input the demographic of their followers on this social network using the same fields that you used in your internal audit so that you’re able to make easy comparisons. Do you tend to get the most response when you post photos? You’ll need to look at each social account individually. *We suggest engagement as the metric to track here to evaluate your best-performing posts. Or maybe it’s time to consider some new social channels to replace or supplement ones that no longer perform as well as they once did. Brian Dean. Save time and improve performance. As you evaluate how each social account helps support your brand, it’s important to understand who you can reach through each channel. Every social media platform offers analytics and insights that you need to take advantage of. Like discussed earlier, running a social media audit is most useful at the start of planning a major social media strategy revamp. Any flags or penalties you’ve received for things like this are a good candidate for the notes section. This means you don’t need to change the password every time someone leaves your team or moves to a new role. Add the link to each social media account. I ran through the above audit with Buffer’s social media profiles, and I’m happy to share with you our results and my experience.