If you flip the switch, by accident or on purpose, and then flip it back again right away, it could automatically get stuck in the auto-on position. The other day, out of the blue, a light switch would not turn the light associated with it off. There's usually a slide or knob adjustment that makes it more or less sensitive to movement. Continue to turn the lights off to make the sensor learn your preferred light level. So, you've filled your tires with air, but that annoying low tire pressure indicator light on your dash still won't turn off! I flicked the switch up and down about a dozen times and the light would not turn off. most sensor-activated security lights have a mode that is on all the time. This sensor is very handy because it will detect the paper and send the signal to turn it on the shredding machine. Refer to instructions to change custom settings. Lights will continue to turn back on 25 seconds after a manual off in Occupancy mode. I'm a complete novice and don't know where to start. Change the Sensor Mode to Manual-On and Auto-Off (Vacancy). That might bring it back to motion-sensor operation. I have tried: 1. Outside Light Wont Turn Off. Flicking the switch off-to-on quickly, no go. Reset It – if your sensor light has an on/off switch located somewhere inside, pay close attention to how you turn it on and off. Most motion sensor lights also have a sensitivity adjustment. This should reboot the motion sensor or the timer and you can readjust it … Turn it down a bit and the light should go off a bit more often. ... when the sensor activates the light, the light stays on and won't go off, maybe in an hours time or so. Discussion in 'Electrics UK' started by dune2010, 17 Jan 2005. https://www.hunker.com/13414108/how-to-reset-motion-detector- There is a light switch inside to turn it on or off. Cut the power to the light for about 10 seconds and turn it back on. If the light switch is ‘off’, the sensor controlled lights will be turned on when the movement sensor is triggered. 2. It also includes some maintenance tips you can use to help keep your sensor working in the future. ... i would have expected the alarm to go off when the power was cut, then stop sounding when power was restored/code typed in Automatic Paper shredders come with a sensor that senses the paper whenever we fill in it. Here is how to fix a paper shredder sensor: 1. If a security light is not turning off the way it is supposed to, you can reset many systems by toggling the power switch "on" and "off". I accidentally turned the thing off by flicking the switch, and now when I turn it on, the light just won't go off. Safety first, turns off the shredder and unplugged it. the answer to this problem is easy i think. sometimes rapidly switching the power on and off a couple of times puts them into this mode and i bet that's what's happened to this one. Occupancy Sensor Wall Switch Kung Fu Maintenance Repair Video it may or may not be connected to a circuit on the rcd protected side of the consumer unit but it won't necessarily have it's own trip. Unplug the shredder. I took the light switch cover off to see if anything obvious jumped out at me, but no luck. Motion sensor lights are a must for any home security system, but sometimes they get out of whack, turning on and off inappropriately.That’s especially common after power outages. This article discusses a few simple methods you can use to get it to reset. Sensor light installed near the garage, working fine. Sensor mode is set to Auto-On Daylight Sensing.