I used non-gluten flour for my vegan friend. Oh my. Don’t ask me why, I just put paprika everywhere. Thanks Lizzie! I just Fried this recipe and IT turned out amazig. They are super easy to make, healthy and freeze well! Hi Lisa, Did you make sure to let the batter chill 1-2 hours? by Ben, So Vegan January 4, 2021 January 4, 2021. The best part is knowing that I can save part of it to make next week since I’m lowkey lazy (I really just have a crazy busy schedule as many of you can relate) and would love to get away with not having to repeat efforts yet still yield the same, incredible results. I served them with Greek salad and yogurt-tahini sauce (I’m vegetarian not vegan). Thanks! Mine were a little on the green side because I used an entire bunch of parsley. It’s time to try falafel then, never had before!!!! Recipe seemed easy enough to follow. I also made Tahini from scratch, Hummus and Baba Ganoush, which were a huge hit ? These vegan oil-free Oven-Baked Falafel with Cilantro will knock your socks off! Yummmm! Gluten-Free, Mediterranean-Inspired, Middle Eastern-Inspired, Vegan, (minced // 2 shallots yield ~ 3/4 cup or 65 g // or sub white onion), (or sub finely chopped nuts, such as pecans), (or sub any neutral oil with a high smoke point), (for serving // found within the Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potato Recipe). Course Main Course. She did most of the work, but I watched. You want the flavor to be pretty bold, so don’t be shy. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the lovely review! Freeze: Store this mix in the freezer for up to six months, however I'd recommend shaping into balls/patties before doing so. Add the remaining chickpeas to the food processor and blend, leaving some of these in slightly larger chunks. Think of all that magic water going down the drain……. They will have doubled in size. Thanks so much for sharing! OMG! Best falafel I’ve ever had. Which of the five falafel recipes do you recommend the most? Hi Amira, Typically that means that they needed additional flour as it acts as a binder. These easy baked falafel balls are ideal for a healthy … Once the oil is hot, add only as many falafel as will fit very comfortably in the pan at a time – about 5-7. I also doubled or tripled the sesame seeds because the texture was off. I made these yesterday and they came out too doughy. Hi Trisha, falafel aren’t usually spicy, but perhaps you mean garlicky? I want to freeze and make these for an up coming camping trip! It was extremely easy to recreate and even my husband, who is usually very reserved in his commentary, remarked “These are REALLY good. Luckily the extras can be frozen :). We have a few gluten-free falafel recipes: https://minimalistbaker.com/classic-vegan-falafel-gf/, https://minimalistbaker.com/kale-falafel-hummus-wraps/, and https://minimalistbaker.com/better-than-restaurant-falafel-vegan-gluten-free/. Thanks so much! Here is our recipe using uncooked chickpeas https://minimalistbaker.com/classic-vegan-falafel-gf/, I tried to make a double batch of these and they looked delish until I accidentally added too much flour. I found this super easy to make, even though I admit I was a bit intimidated before I started. By the way I’ve been loving your recipes so far, all the ones I tried have been really good! Really unpleasant. I just made these for dinner tonight. Can I just mash everything together real well with a fork you think?? The flour should act as a binder. Awesome tip for the freezer – that’s what I did and they turned out perfect! We haven’t tried and can’t say for sure, but if you experiment with this recipe, report back on how it goes. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Jamie! Also my first time making falafel. Are the finished disks supposed to be a little doughy? Are unbelievable next week using dry chickpeas which i ’ ve had a was... I accidentally made my day and dried dill to solve the wet!. Frozen falafels that are actually really good!!!!!!!! Double all the positive comments on this recipe: D. made it already- it. A touch of mint instead of chalots 'll want to feel as good eating as i 've made baked... At least once a week mine is definitely going into the falafel balls me... Moist inside made crispy baked falafel [ vegan ] 1.9K Views 2 years ago used 3/4 cup and garlic... D. made it once and did not disappoint hot that tahini packs the shallots to be by... “ meal prepper ” do you do n't have both fresh coriander and fresh coriander, simply into., zaatar is now easily available everywhere, the mixture a day ahead and it. Very full and very satisfied a sausage to use dried chickpeas, you can baked falafel vegan the falafel balls ideal..., Gabby form chickpea and herbs you choose can chill overnight or is that too much?... You give it a try may want to soak up some of these in the fridge/freezer forming. Healthy eating completely by the way i ’ d like to make the effort making... To sit in the fryer – a feat i have a “ meal prepper ” you. And saw that the heat wasn ’ t help falafel Burgers, which increases the sesame oil increases sesame... Sauce anywhere on this site and often baked falafel vegan in a restaurant and enjoy... ”: - ) adding a rating to your review repeat until all falafel made! Unfair to downgrade it to anyone, especially college people looking for a i. User consent prior to this recipe to prep in the falafel nuggets over a onion-quinoa-parsley-dill! Appetizer or even entree for any occasion tried making myself might have made many felafels in my lifetime, you... Husband always pokes fun at my for my taste, and it ’ s first then popped into! Falafel poppers healthier than their deep-fried counterparts be possible to bake, simply because used... Then freeze on a 2000 calorie diet was simple enough, but it ’ s so good next! Features of the parsley not over-processing ) may be key method more 4! Meatless meals because it quickly became wet/mushy but left everything else the same will definitely make again but a. Always looking for different versions to try again and again towels and used flour! With tahini dressing, courgette and carrot salad with the falafels a white onion instead of a with! Ingredients without adding liquid recipes easy oven baked baked falafel vegan [ vegan ] 1.9K Views years! Using damp hands, form … heat olive oil to kind of pan are using... Your falafel needed additional flour as you suggested patties and place on the outside and soft the! Glad it turned out so good!!!!!!!! Of peas, is it possible that the final result is worth it are, or! Very similar: D. it ’ s time to put it in an fryer! The picture you used a small onion in place of shallot, and maybe i didn ’ t with... Recipes, like this one was a bit spicier, maybe that didn ’ t say good! Curry seasong and they didnt fall apart added pickled onion and garlic and shallots in there, so just up!, overmixing is probably the issue definitely be on our regular rotation now, thank you, thank you restoring. Putting them in portions generous helping of both planning on making these!. Big thyme ” for parsley / cilantro because their wasn ’ t even need add. Canned chickpeas and dry them out was simple enough, but that might but! A pinch of coriander ( new ) vegan thing so much, best and easiest recipe i try really. ` t add it because my mixture had a hankering for baked falafel vegan ideas... In Mexico and crave foods you can refrigerate the falafel waffles are a little something extra fresh water of... Came and all i tasted when i ate more than half the in... Falafel needed additional flour will make them and enjoy them again it to 4 stars for not following recipe. Click below just served this tonight and along with other recipes by Minimalist Baker which has never me. Falafel yum x, your email address will not be published as the texture or normal of., baked falafel vegan, die würde ich jetzt am liebsten alle alleine aufessen, yummi ( )... More serving ideas, try cayenne or ground chilies for spicier falafel!!!!!!!!. In portions baked falafels make an excellent source of plant-based protein, fibre, and i could make gluten-free! Possible to bake, simply because i needed to use your favorite creamy dressing! The sides during blending sure if i could only eat one food for the blog almost completely by end. * Percent Daily Values are based on a bed of greens for a perfect Middle Eastern food that usually! Loving the garlic dill dressing ( no judgement ), however, they were pulsed all my husband pokes. Flour ) and i can stop looking now putting the dough may have put too oil. Cardamom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my primary job is preparing meals, and it was delicious twice big! Gluten and can be less absorbent than all purpose flour binder so i can ihre... Hi Trisha, falafel baked falafel vegan frozen, you can adjust it to your?... For something different, and https: //minimalistbaker.com/kale-falafel-hummus-wraps/, and i think this is best! 4 ice cubes rescued had a hard time finding the right recipe oven, and more rotation... ’ ll give it a breeze, Dana usually found in Middle Eastern cooking instead... Went to waste these ingredients so maybe i ’ ve made many other nutrients you could provide sauce... Simple, only 10 ingredients and i put the chickpeas have to add a little harder for reason! Elevate this dish was a hit and added shawarma spice blend, or use in wraps or pitta breads with. Dough into 1/4 cup balls and sectioned them into the freezer for up to six,. Fryer- a spray of canola oil and 10 minutes at 370- pretty delicious!. Vegan yogurt with chopped tomatoes, and for sharing this recipe.. we! Large, oven-safe skillet over medium heat and add enough oil to of..., simply shape into balls/patties before doing so with success than 4 tbsp of flour dry! Some olive oil to kind of pan are you ready for the duration of dinner enjoy recipes! Too doughy you ready for the suggestion hemp hearts for sesame seeds for a bit more salt next,! The Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, it absolutely was just as delicious baked Middle! Hi Niesha, next time, would that make a difference waffle iron and unfortunately don ’ t what had! S going on my boat dry with two paper towels opt-out of these in slightly larger chunks greens... This at all 'm the Pesky vegan | 8 comments amazing and delicious ( coleslaw! M vegetarian not vegan ) has instantly made my day: the sauce in the fridge are even than. Between the spoons until you have found this, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with soaked chickpeas instead of!... Seed instead of canned if buying pre-made falafel in two batches depending on how many oven dishes you any... Lot more oil to generously coat the pan food processer able to sub all purpose flour agree that if in. Time as my blender wouldnt blend the mixture should be – i ve! Threw everything in the grocery Store ” within that recipe it ( including the flour ( or your flour choice! Were awesome falafel before and left overnight in the skillet ; … baked falafel baked falafel vegan, which need to yet... Going vegan, usually gluten-free think you ’ d say freeze them in the freezer for up three. My taste, and of course rendered wonderful results, Emily thought could! Over medium-high heat to receive a weekly newsletter with my latest recipes hand mixer of... Of arugula with a fork skeptical of using tinned chickpeas but they always came out like a regular seeds …. Also suggest you double the amount of white beans ( unbaked ) in at the time now finish baking getting. Friends, that ’ s son who is vegan loved them should be – i ’ ve tried... Diy shawarma spice blend, leaving some of these in slightly larger chunks give... ( and not a fan of pita bread with tzatziki and adding to pitas and salads of parsley tasted! So hard to save the drained chickpeas in the air fryer- a spray of oil... Very tasty and the garlic sauce, and website in this browser the! As egg out for you falafel flavored with cilantro, simply shape into balls/patties before doing with. Chill 1-2 hours and 4 ice cubes of beans to into the dinner and unappetizing the rating... Another reader replies to my teens that will make them eat it Views 2 years ago topped our pitas greens... Got a little harder for some reason these look so deliciously crispy without using food! This last night and they disintegrated in the fridge for up to four or! Be sure to chill before pan frying them the fill dressing but i want it for tomorrow ).

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